Research Topics

Research Topics


There are all kinds of fascinating research topics you can work on that fall under brain and behavioral science.

Check out some of the cool questions that scientists have been working on!

Man holding up a magnifying glass

How does the brain take the light coming into our eyes and recognize objects?

Does teaching kids to use gestures when they are learning improve their math performance?

How does the way you present information about a product affect how people perceive it?  Are people more likely to buy products that list “% fat” or “%fat-free”?  Why?

Can you simulate (make a model of) brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia using a computer?

What beliefs do Latinas/os in the U.S. have about religion and gender?

When do children develop the ability to understand that people can hold beliefs that are wrong?

What are the social theories behind dominance and oppression?

What is the relationship between immune cells and the breakdown of neurons?

Since male songbirds usually sing songs to attract female mates, why do some female songbirds sing as well?

How do race and ethnicity affect whether juveniles are charged as adults in court?