Mission and Purpose

Our Mission:

Our mission is to promote the presence and success of Black scientists in the fields of brain and behavioral science, in all career levels and paths, and to foster the exchange of scientific innovation.

Our Purpose:

The purpose of this society is to support the development, acclimation, and endeavors of Black scientists who study and/or research the brain, nervous systems, mind, and behavior, and to promote diversity in the fields of brain and behavioral science by:

1. Providing academic and professional support through programming and funding.

2. Creating a strong community of Black scientists through networking, mentorship, and communication.

3. Helping members achieve a strong foundation in scientific rigor through education, collaboration, and sharing of scientific ideas, techniques, and innovation, thereby improving the quality of brain and behavioral science overall.

4. Improving the general knowledge of brain and behavioral science in the Black community at large, to increase awareness and interest in these fields of study, through public outreach.

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