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Desiree Jones

Congratulations to SB³S member Desiree Jones! Desi Jones has published a first author editorial in the journal Autism. Desi’s editorial discusses the lack of representation of Black researchers in the autism field. She, along with co-author David Mandell, highlights how this lack of diversity has negative impacts on Black people with autism. Without Black autism researchers, Black people are often left out of the research as participants as well. This has led to a scientific knowledge base that does not incorporate how autism presents in the Black community. Desi’s editorial also discusses how this impacts clinical outcomes for Black people with autism as well as their caregivers. The article then provides recommendations for ways to increase representation and equity for Black autism researchers. Read Desi’s editorial here:

Desiree is a third year graduate student at UT Dallas, earning a PhD in Developmental Psychology. Her research interests include autism, stigma, and mental health. Great work, Desi!

Society for Black Brain and Behavioral Scientists would like to congratulate our member, Jalisha Jenifer, on her first publication as a “first”/primary author! Her research, published in Science Advances, found that math anxiety leads to math avoidance. Participants with math anxiety avoided performing more difficult math problems, even when it was more beneficial to attempt them. This study is novel, because it is one of the first to empirically show this relationship between math anxiety and math avoidant behaviors. This finding can help inform teaching and study strategies by helping us understand the habits of those with math anxiety.  Jalisha’s article is open-access, which means anyone can read it! Click here to read the full research article:
The code and data for this project are available online at OpenScience.
SB³S is very proud of Jalisha, who is entering her 5th year of the Psychology PhD program at the University of Chicago. Jalisha already has extensive teaching experience as a lecturer and teaching assistant and has earned highly competitive fellowships from the Institute of Education Sciences and National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program.