Goals and Trajectory

Goals and Trajectory


In an effort to remain transparent and informative, we have provided the following information concerning the society’s immediate goals and intended future trajectory.


The overarching goal for the Society for Black Brain and Behavioral Scientists is to become a large member-based organization that provides programming and services to its members as well as the larger community.  We would like to expand to a full fleet of programming and services including an annual academic conference, scholarships and grants, an in-house job portal, academic and wellness support for students, workshops, and networking events.  Other plans for expansion include skills training and local community awareness events.  Increased membership is a continual goal since we want to increase the number of black scientists in the field!


Here is a proposed timeline for the expansion of our services in the coming years:

0-1 Years:

Online Membership Services

Mentorship Program

2-3 Years:

1st Annual Conference

Scholarship Program

Local Networking Events

Job Portal

Local Brain Awareness Initiatives

5-10 Years:

Research Grant Program

Career Training Camps

Student Support Services

Corporate Partnerships

Institutional Partnerships and Programs