Events and Programs


#FortheCulture Event Series

In January 2021, we hosted our inaugural #FortheCulture event series, showcasing the intersection between science and Black culture!  Highlighting Black researchers and contributors at every event, #FortheCulture mixes research and professional talks with interactive activities, open to the public.  Each event focuses on a different aspect of Black culture and illustrates its connection to science.  In 2021, our fun and informative series included topics on Black hair, music, entrepreneurship, dance, food, and more!

Career Spotlight Webinar Series

About once a month, we host a prominent Black scientist in brain and/or behavioral research.  Speakers share their career journeys with our members and provide advice on navigating a research career.  Members then get to network with the speakers in a small group discussion following the presentation and Q&A session.  Some of our past speakers include Dr. Erich Jarvis, Dr. Jules Harrell, Dr. Michelle Jones-London, and Dr. Tirin Moore.

Member Match

In July of 2018, we had our first Member Match networking event for all of our registered dues-paying members.  For each week of July, each of our participants was paired with another member of the Society, so that they can make new connections and network with other scholars!  We have a wide-reaching community across the nation, and Member Match helps to bridge that gap and create beneficial relationships with between our members.


Scholarship Portal

SB³S members have exclusive access to our scholarship portal, where they can search for funding sources like grant, fellowships, and scholarships.  You can search by criteria such as application due date or name of award.

Expert Consultant Program

SB³S has a team of Expert Consultants that are here to help our members, giving them consultation and advice on a variety of topics.  Members can set up appointments to get help on grant writing, job applications, budgeting and saving, managing and forming nonprofits, and career development.

Both of these programs are free to our dues-paying members!

Teaching Tuesdays

Each Tuesday, our General Interest members receive an email from our Community Outreach Chair, Eboni, educating them about science and teaching them about topics related to the brain and how we behave!

SB³S x New Passage Foundation x Seven United

Society for Black Brain and Behavioral Scientists (SB³S) is proud to announce our partnership with The New Passage Foundation and Seven United (SUN).  The partnership between SB³S and SUN will be funded by New Passage Foundation.  Society for Black Brain and Behavioral Scientists will be developing and providing quarterly workshops to members of Seven United, starting with a series on mental health and career development.  Following the success of the pilot workshop series, our goal is to expand this partnership to provide study/work/research abroad experiences in Rwanda for SB³S members.

About Our Partners: 

The New Passage Foundation is an organization that brokers partnerships between groups across the African diaspora.  Their mission is to “build partnerships and resources to foster the growth of people in search of learning, experiencing, and connecting with the African Diaspora to help them grow as a person, an organization, and leaders—while also developing a robust global network.”  As part of their mission, The New Passage Foundation organizes and funds cultural exchange and scholarship opportunities for newly connected partners  in the U.S., U.K., Europe, Central and South American, Caribbean, and Africa. Their Founder and Executive Director, Nonie Williams, is also in the process of establishing a scholarship fund with The United Negro College Fund to provide financial support for students enrolled in qualifying U.S. accredited academic institutions seeking to pursue African Diaspora Studies abroad.

Seven United (SUN) is an organization based in Rwanda that encourages youth to be leaders in service to their communityThe organization prioritizes education through service and community engagement: members of SUN are empowered to uplift and create positive change in their communitiesSUN also provides access to education for a cohort of young children who could not otherwise afford to attend school.  Additionally, SUN has a program known as Future Nation that aims to empower women and provide reproductive health education.  We are excited to work with SUN to increase awareness of brain and behavioral science!